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Frequently Asked Questions

Release of Information

It is the policy of Great Plains Regional Medical Center to insure our patients' privacy. To help maintain privacy each patient admitted to the hospital from the ED is provided with a personal identification number (pin). Information about your stay at the hospital will be released only to person (s) who are able to provide the ED staff with the pin number you gave to them. You can refuse the pin number. If you choose to do so, the ED staff will not be able to release any information about your stay to any outside source without your written or verbal authorization.

Going Home

When you are discharged from the ED, you are given advice about follow up care. This may include:

  • Discharge instruction sheets.
  • Limited amount of take home drugs and/or prescriptions.
  • Appointments for further tests.
  • Outpatient appointments for follow-up.
  • A letter to your primary care physician.
  • A medical release or restrictions of activity for returning to work if needed.

Please remember the ED should not to be used to refill routine prescriptions. In the event the ED physician determines a refill of your medication is warranted, only the amount sufficient for coverage until you can see your primary care physician will be provided. Typically, the ED does not write refills of pain medication. 

No Smoking Policy

Effective September 10, 2007, GPRMC became a tobacco free campus, which includes chewing tobacco and cigars. This means no one is permitted to smoke or use tobacco products on the hospital campuses and/or its parking areas. If you request, upon being admitted, a nicotine patch or gum can be provided for you to assist you in not smoking.

Expressing a Concern

If you or your relatives escorting you, have any concerns or suggestions for improvement, or wish to express appreciation of the care you received, please feel free to make the physician and/or nurse caring for you aware. Additionally, if you have an unsatisfactory experience, you can ask to speak to the house supervisor at any time during your visit, day or night, or you may contact our Patient Advocate at 308-696-7200 or the ED Director of Nursing at 308-696-7605. If the Advocate or the ED Nursing Director is unavailable to take your call, please leave a message including your name and contact information and you will be called back promptly. Lastly, you are encouraged to fill out a patient satisfaction survey. We use these surveys to evaluate how well your needs are being met and areas where we might need to look at improvement.

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