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Things to tell Emergency Staff

The ED staff may not be aware of your medical background and will not have access to it until you are registered, and it may have changes since your last visit, so they may ask many questions. They will do this each time you visit to make sure there are no changes in your last reported history. To help the staff to assess and treat you, tell them about:

  • Any health problems you have had, onset, duration, what made it worse, and what provided relief. You are encouraged to be open in all your communications with the medical staff concerning any health or well being issues. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times. No judgments will be made upon your worth as an individual. Our only objective is to provide optimal quality treatment and alleviate your pain and suffering.
  • All complaints of pain, identify where it hurts, how bad it hurts, how long the pain has been there, what makes it worse and what improves it. Medications prescribed and non-prescribed, taken for pain management.
  • All drugs and treatments used in the last 15 days or on a continuous basis. If you do not know this, especially the drugs by dose and frequency, please bring all your medications in their containers with you when you come to the ED.
  • Any drug or food allergies.
  • If you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Any other facts pertaining to your health or well being
  • Any physical or mental abuse
  • Current vaccinations

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